Scouts: Do A Good Turn Daily

A couple months ago, I was preparing a lesson to teach a primary class full of 11 year old boys and girls.  The lesson was about "The Good Samaritan."  As I was preparing for my lesson, I found this great video about a song that I have always liked called "Have I Done Any Good?"  

During our lesson, we talked about the way we can serve others like Christ did.  Sometimes the simple daily task that we do to serve others makes a huge impact in both the giver and the receiver of service.  To help the kids focus on service like the good Samaritan did, I wanted them to have something they can put in their room that would remind them to do a good deed daily.  

There has been lots of talk about the Boy Scouts of America right now which I will not get into at this time.  I wanted to point what their slogan is:  Do A Good Turn Daily.  The idea being that the boys are encouraged to serve others everyday whether at home, in school, at church, within the community and anywhere else they might find themselves.  As they look outwards to serve others, they become less selfish, gain a better understanding of who they are and they can lift the burdens of others.

Now, for the freebie.  The image below is a sample of what I came up with and gave to the kids.  Feel free to pin the image below to your Scouting or Service Pinterest Boards.

Scouting Do A Good Turn Daily

Here is the worksheet you can download for your family.  There is a printable of a boy in a cub scout uniform, a boy scout uniform as well as a picture of a girl.  There are six categories that the person can choose from and then write down the good deed they did that day under the appropriate category.  You can just print it out and attach it to a clipboard and have them fill it out as they go through the month.  If you want to reuse the sheets like I did, laminate them and have the child use a dry eraser marker to feel in their good deeds.  

Brightly Street Scouting Do A Good Turn preview

I was talking with my dad about this lesson and he mentioned that when he was a scout, he was given a coin.  He had it in his pocket.  Each day as he would do a good deed, he would switch it to his other pocket.  He has kept that coin ever since some 50 year +.  Pretty cool!  What a great reminder to serve others.

Here is the New Testament story of "The Good Samaritan" video that you could share with your family and teach this concept of doing service for others.  It would make a great Family Home Evening lesson!  Bake some cookies at the end of family night and take them to a neighbor to kick off your daily good deeds!  Another great service idea can be found here on Brightly Street.  This post was about Elder Cook and the "Service Sticks."  Enjoy!

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