Veterans Week part 4

Here is my grandpa, Charles W Basso, my father's father.  When grandpa went to fill out his application for the United States Navy, he was asked what his full name was.  Grandpa answered, "Charles Basso."  The officer said, "look, I need to fill out every space on this application.  There's a space here for a middle initial, so I need to put something down."  Grandpa gave it some thought and then said, "ok, I share my birthday with President George Washington, so put a 'W' for a middle initial." He was known from then on as Charles W Basso.  Grandpa Basso began his tour on the USS Chaumont and later was assigned aboard the USS Detroit based in San Diego, California.  After ten months in the Navy, he was promoted to the radio division to learn communications.

While his ship was in Hawaii on fleet maneuvers he obtained a transfer to the Fleet Air Base at Pearl Harbor and attended Radio School.  He remained in the radio transmitting station for the rest of his four years of service in the Navy.  He later married a native Hawaiian, Abigail Pililaau, (sister to Uncle Herbert featured on Part 1) and remained in Hawaii until he passed away in 2003. 

Thanks Grandpa, we miss you!!

Grandpa Basso