Arizona Forever by Jaclyn M. Hawkes

The title of this novel caught my eye since I live in Arizona.  It takes place in Mesa which is really close by!  It was an excellent clean romance novel that was really hard to put down.  The only part that wasn’t my favorite was that just like in most novels, they build up the story and climax then fall quickly to the ending.  I’d love to of read a bit more at the end but I am never truly satisfied, but I guess that means that the author did a great job hooking you into the story!  This is the first time I have read anything by Jaclyn M. Hawkes.  She is an excellent author.  I was pulled right in from the start.

This story is about Dr. Jessie Benn who is a veterinarian who specializes in treating horses.  She is also on a quest to find Mr. Right.  She quickly meets an Australian business tycoon and the adventure begins.  This is an LDS clean romance novel.

Ratings: 5 Stars, no language, some kissing