Family Finds

Day 35: Fathers

Today, we honor our Fathers.  I must of stood in the right line in heaven because I have the greatest fathers a girl could ever dream of.   Here's a sweet video about remembering dad.  Add the stories of your father here.

Day 34: A Free Gift

Today is Black Friday.  Thousands of people are running about looking for the best deals to give to their loved ones.  What better gift would there be to give, then the gift of family history!  I posted a gift idea I did for my mother on Day 11....

Day 32: Connect

Today's challenge is to find out how you connect to your ancestors.  What are some things about the country your ancestors are from that you feel connected too?  Once you find out more about where they came from, teach your children about how you feel...

Day 25: Research

The hardest part to teach someone about family history is to show them my thinking process while I am working on it.  I thought I'd share this quick video to get you started on your research.

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Day 24: Reflection

Everyone has a story.  Some are full of heroic events that shaped and changed history.  Others slipped through history only to be remembered by their loved ones.  Whoever or wherever your story takes you, remember that you are part of a larger...

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Day 23: Find a Cemetery

Day 23: Find a Cemetery

It was a miracle that I moved from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania over 9 years ago.  When we decided to move to the east coast, we didn't know anyone in that area.  We built a home in a town called North Coventry in the borough of Pottstown.  After...

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Day 21:  Index a Record

Day 21: Index a Record

How does indexing help you find your ancestors?  For me it is the back bone to family history.  Without records posted free online, we would be going through millions of microfilm records like my grandparents had to do to find their ancestors.  I...

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Day 20:  Learn from Your Ancestors

Day 20: Learn from Your Ancestors

We are half way through the 40 Day Challenge!  Congratulations if you have joined us so far.  We know that as you continue your family history journey, you will feel the power of your ancestors.   Why is Family History so important?  Is it just...

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Day 19: Attach a Picture

Do you like me, have boxes of pictures tucked away in your closet?  Pull them out and start attaching them to your family tree.  Remember to just attach pictures to those that have passed away or make sure you ask the person before you post any pictures...

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Day 17:  Military Records

Day 17: Military Records

Today we celebrate Veteran's Day.  We honor all those that have served their fellow men and women in the different branches of the military.  What a blessing it is to be apart of this great country.  It has been great to see the many "thank...

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