Day 9: Record it!

Today, we are going to look at the great resources that FamilySearch has for your mobile devices.  There are two free apps that you can download from the App Store called Family Tree and Memories.  In order to download the apps to your iphone or ipad, go to the App Store.  In the search bar type in "FamilySearch."  These two Apps will appear Memories and Family Tree.  Download them to your device.  For more details go here.

Let's get to our daily challenge…  Besides adding the two apps, we are going to learn more about an ancestor by interviewing a living relative.  Tonight at the dinner table, I want you to begin a conversation about your ancestors and record it right to your Memories App.  It is SUPER simple.  My 8 year old son was able to interview his grandfather as he told about his Uncle who died in the Korean War.  You can hear his story here.  To hear the story you must be login to FamilySearch.  

This is a great article about some questions you could ask at the dinner table about your parents or their parents, etc.   The article is titled "Making Mealtime More Meaningful."  Here's a tag you can use to attach to a mason jar or empty food can as well as some questions you can cut out and put inside.  I printed them on white card stock, laminated them, added a black strip around the jar and attached the tag.  I cut and laminated the questions as well.  I will be posting some more questions this week to add to your jar so stop by our street again this week!

Keep your jars on the table and each time you sit down for dinner, take turns picking a question and interviewing someone at the dinner table while recording them directly to the Memories App.  I left a blank line for who the ancestor is so you can reuse the cards and ask about different relatives.  You can also ask your parents these questions or yourself!  We will teach you how to tag and what to do next tomorrow.

Click on the image below to download the pdf files.

Family History Mealtime Matters Conversation Jars
Leave us a comment and let us know how it goes!  We are excited to hear about your success and struggles.  Don't forget, when leaving a comment all you need to add is the first letter of your first or last name if you don't want to add any other info, not a problem.

UPDATED!!  I just saw this video posted on facebook and I thought it was a great addition today this past post about Mealtime and why it is so important.  While the parents thought of famous people to have dinner with their children just wanted to have it with their family.  What an eye opening moment for these families and for us all!