General Conference Speaker Bags

I prepared 15 snack size bags with a treat, something to do or both.  Here is a list of items that I added to the bags.  Most of the items were purchased at the Dollar Store.

LDS General Conference Idea for Kids

1.  Large Magnets with a bag of paper clips.  Listening Ideas:  Each clip has a word or picture attached to it like Jesus or Temples.  Whenever the speaker that's face was attached to that particular bag said any of the paper clip words, they would grab it with their magnet and put it in their bag until they were all gone.  This helped focus the children on what was being said during the talk.  I am working on the artwork for this one to since last time I just told them what words to listen for.  Check back this week!  

** Here's the link to the free printable for the magnet game **

2.  "Draw the Speaker"  I printed off a few sheets of this Coloring page and I had them on hand when there were speakers from the Seventy that I didn't have a bag for.  This artwork is from A Year of FHE website.


3.  Play-Doh.  Idea:  As the kids listen to the speaker, have them make something out of the play-doh that went along with the talk.  For example, the picture of my son holding up the letter "T" while the apostle was talking about testimony.  It didn't have to be a letter, he just happened to come up with that idea.  My kids love to play with play-doh and it also helped them to pay attention to what was being said.

4.  "Tie it to the Speaker" – I made these simple ties that I put in a couple of the bags.  The idea is for them to decorate the tie to match the speakers tie or they could make a custom tie for the speaker to where about what they are talking about.  Download the file below.  I just cut them into single strips and put them in the bag.

General Conference Tie Activity

I have a lot more ideas to add so I will be posting some everyday until Wednesday so that you have enough time to put yours together too!