General Conference Idea for Kids

Last October, I searched online to find LDS General Conference ideas and oh boy was there a lot.  I picked a few ideas and then added my own.  Here’s what we did for General Conference last October.  My kids have asked me quite often when the next General Conference will be, that’s how excited they were to participate in last October’s Conference from our family room which included all sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  My daughter who is 5 is super excited for Conference and keeps asking me when it is.  I think we might need to make a Conference Chain Countdown this year!  I love that they are anticipating Conference.  I hope some of these ideas as well as the “Countdown to Conference” lessons help your family prepare and enjoy Conference next month.  It is one of the best weekends out of the year in our home.  I think this year I will add a few more traditions to the line-up.  Look for a follow up post after Conference for the highlights of General Conference from the Rios-Lazo home.

I made these bags and added a treat, something to do or both to each one.  The idea is that when someone gets up to the podium to speak, the kids take turns grabbing the correct bag.  They open it and pass out whatever is inside and then get into their “tents.”  They listen to the talk as work on what was in the bag.  All bags have things to help the kids pay attention to the speaker not to just keep them busy and occupied.  Download the free bag tags below.  There is a tag for each Apostle and member of the First Presidency.  Print, laminate and staple them onto lunch bags.  I will tell you what I put inside each of these bags on Sunday so get your bags ready and stop by after church for some more fun ideas! I will also be adding some of the women and other leader bag tags on Sundays’ post as well.

General Conference Speaker Bags

Click on the image below to download the UPDATED Bag Tags.

General Conference Bag Tags for Kids General Authorities and Leaders updated April 2016