LDS Blog Train February “Charity Never Faileth”

I really tried to think outside the box for this month's theme to bring you something unique and useful. So, with the theme "Charity Never Faileth" I decided to create a kit about what would happen if Charity did fail.  If that happens then we need to fix it and heal our hearts so that the pure love of Christ can penetrate our lives and be felt by those around us.  For example, when we are sick we seek a doctor just like when we are sick in spirit we turn to a higher power.  Hopefully we come to realize that we always need the Savior's love to help us heal and bring joy and happiness into our lives.  With that said, here's the kit. It would be fun to use when scrapbooking that first trip to the doctor, etc. 

Brightly Street LDS CNF 2013 Kit Sample

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Brightly Street Noah_s Ark add-on