Lego Tower Multiplication Game

My children LOVE to play with legos so when I came across some ideas for lego games that are educational, I jumped on some design ideas.  Here is a simple Multiplication freebie for you to use with your children.  Just print on card stock and laminate it.  Then collect at least 20 lego pieces that are the ones with 2 rows of 4 circles on top.  You will also need two lego people and a dice.

Lego Educational Game

Here’s how you play the game.  Each player gets to pick a lego person.  Have your child attach the person to one brick so that it has a base to stand on.

Legos Educational GamesPlace your person on “Start” and then choose someone to go first.  Roll the dice and move forward that amount of spaces.  There are multiplication questions on most of the spaces and it will have you “Take” 1, 2 or 3 bricks from the “brick store.”  The players must read the equation and answer the question correctly to “take” the amount of bricks written under the equation.  Then, stack your bricks with the person on top.

Legos Educational Games

On some spaces it will not have a multiplication question, but these words “Give or Loose 1 or 2 Legos.”  If it says “Give,” the player will give their opponet the amount of legos stated on the space.  If it says “Loose” the player must give the amount of Legos back to the “brick store” that is indicated on the space.  All players must get to the finish line before you can determine the final winner.  Whoever gets to the end first gets 2 more legos, but the grand winner will be the person with the tallest tower.

To store your Lego game, grab a gallon size ziploc bag and put the game board, lego bricks, lego people and one dice into the bag.  I put all the pieces in a sandwich size bag and then the board and bag of pieces into the larger bag.  Find a child size hanger from your children’s room and attach it with laundry clips as shown below.  I store all my “hanging games” in the hall closet.

Lego Games

To purchase all 8 Lego Math Board Games, visit my Etsy Shop.  It includes both single and double digit equations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as a “Lego Bank” tag to use with the game.  It only costs $2.95 and it will be ready for download as soon as you purchase. Stop by my store today!

Lego Math Game

I am working on a series of fun educational games that your children can play during the summertime to avoid the “Summer Slide.”  I went to a meeting last week for my children’s school and they mentioned that term regards to what happens to children during the summer months.  It refers to reading but math and all other concepts are influenced as well.  According to some recent studies, children that do not continue to read during the summer, “will loose up to three months of reading achievement. Summer reading loss is cumulative. By the end of fifth grade children who lose reading skills over the summer will be three years behind their classmates.” (Reading Is Fundamental.)

Now for your free board game printable. Click on the image to download this freebie.

Brightly Street Lego Board Game

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Lego Math Game Freebie