Price Matching at Walmart

Don't you LOVE a great deal?  Did you know that each week you can get some great grocery deals without having to even clip a coupon?  Our family lives just a minute from Walmart.  I know, some people hate that store and some people love it.  When you are on a tight grocery budget Walmart's price matching guarantee is a great place to shop.  I remember hearing about how they would price match anything, but frankly I was intimidated by it.  I finally learned the ropes and I thought I'd share a couple ideas with you on how you too can save big on your groceries.

I use to clip coupons and I even had a 3 ring binder that was full of coupons.  My friends and I would go shop the pharmacies together and we snagged some great deals.  Oh, how I wish I was in Pennsylvania to shop with my friends again!  My family and I made some serious diet changes the summer of 2013.  In trying to help one of my children handle ADHD, we all went on the GAPS diet.  I have blogged a little bit about it but I do need to update that tale!  Since making some diet changes, coupon shopping just doesn't really work for 90% of what we eat now.  There just are not coupons for fresh produce or meat and definitely no coupons at the local farmer or farmer's market.

My lessons about food and health, started with the GAPS detox diet and let's just say it was the toughest thing we have ever done.  No joke.  After a month on the detox and intro to GAPS, I was "cooked."  I really just spent all day in the kitchen.  I learned some valuable lessons that have shaped how our family looks at food and eats at the table today.  

The greatest lesson I learned was how to eat more things that grow from the earth and how to cook with more vegetables everyday.  This was a big jump for me, not that I don't like vegetables, but I love to be "that Auntie" that brings the oreos, cheetos, hot chocolate and the "good" stuff to the party.  As I have educated myself, I have learned how my body reacts to food and how now, the really good stuff that I love to eat come from the earth and not from a bag or box.

For example, my husband always buys me a treat like oreos and cheetos for my stocking or just recently for Mother's Day treat.  I finally told him, "you know what I would LOVE, if you just buy me blueberries, blackberries and cherries for a treat."  I am in LOVE with blackberries right now!  Thankfully, with Walmart's price matching, I can usually get blackberries for less than $1 for a 6oz. container which usually runs between $3 to $4.  How do I price match?  Let me show you what I do…

First, I visit this website that is updated every week with the deals that are going on around town.  I love that I don't have to search the ads each week, but that I can click and run through the list at Price Matcherz.  They list all the grocery item deals by store.  I came up with a handy shopping list so that I don't have to keep writing down the same food items each week since I stick to pretty much the same things every time I go grocery shopping.  Here's the list you can use too.  Just print and cut it in half and use the next sheet for the following week. 

Price Match Shopping List

We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so that is what I mostly purchase at the store.  I get my meat at Costco or Sprouts about once a month.  I also purchase eggs and goat's milk from a local farmer so with Walmart's price matching I am set!  Just this week, I went to Walmart and price matched cherries that were only .97 cents at El Super, a hispanic grocery store about 30 minutes from my house.  97 cents per pound for cherries, are you kidding?!  That's a fantastic price, they usually run $4 to $5 a pound.  That's over 75% off some of the tastiest fruits on the planet and I didn't have to travel 30 minutes to grab that deal!  Apples were also 25 cents a pound around town so I price matched them at walmart too with the rest of my items for the week.  

Price Matching at Walmart Cherries

While learning about food, my friend introduced me to the Dirty Dozen.  It is a site that lists the dirtiest fruits that have the highest pesticides and believe me they very dramatically within both fruits and vegetables.  Sadly, apples which my son absolutely loves are #1 on the dirty dozen list.  When I can afford it which isn't very often, I will buy them organic or if they are in season from a local farmer.  More than not, I get them price matched at walmart and hope for the best.  With all the information about food, it can get overwhelming fast and expensive.  I have learned to modify what I can within my limited budget, do the best that I am able to and pray over our food.  

Maybe I will see you next time in line at Walmart price matching with the cashier.  They are always so helpful and glad to help price match any item so don't worry just ask and save a bundle on your next shopping trip! 

Pin the image below and come back and share your great deals with us next week!

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