Zoo Field Trip Worksheet


Educational Zoo Field Trip Packet for Teachers, Home schoolers and Families!!  Whether you are going to the zoo with your family, friends, homeschooling group or school field trip, this packet will bring smiles to your students and children as they explore a day at the zoo.  I was driving in my car one day and I had some ideas that came to me about an upcoming zoo trip my family and I were taking with some friends.  I began to put together some really fun worksheets that have been tried and tested by my own kids!  I created 16 different animal worksheets that include a tracing animal name, an artist sketch box and some fun questions that the kids can answer as they learn more about each animal.  It is perfect for preschoolers through 2nd grade, but even my 5th grader had fun filling out the worksheets!

Brightly Street Zippity Zoo Educational Worksheet Packet        Brightly Street Zippity Zoo Educational Worksheet Packet

All you have to do is purchase the digital files for just $3 and print them on regular paper in color or set your printer to black and white.  Cut the pages in half and attach them to a small clipboard.  With a pencil in hand the kids are ready to explore the different animals found in the zoo!  It really was fun to see an idea form and then to experiment with it as I saw my kids spend a little more time looking at the animals and noticing more about them then just running from one animal to another.  The packet also includes 4 different bingo cards where the kids can cross off the animals as they find them.

Brightly Street Zippity Zoo Educational Worksheet Packet        Brightly Street Zippity Zoo Educational Worksheet Packet

To motivate your little ones to work on this fun packet, give them a small prize at the end.  A small animal toy that you can pick up at the dollar store or some animal crackers when they turn in their finished bingo and worksheets!  Here’s a sample of what is up for sale today for just $3.

Purchase the “Zippity Zoo Packet” for just $3 from our Etsy Shop.

Zoo Animal Packet sample

Now, for your freebie!  Download these two free Zippity Zoo Graphing worksheets!!  Don’t forget to purchase the packet and then use these great graphing pages to extend the child’s learning as you review with them the animals they saw at the zoo.  They can be filled out at home or in the classroom.

 Click on the image below for the pdf file.Brightly Street Zippity Zoo Education Graphing Freebie 2

Zoo Field Trip Worksheet freebie

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Zoo Field Trip Worksheets