Yes, Mormons are Christians, too!

Years ago while walking in the halls of our church building in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, I passed one of my friends.  As I walked by Ed, I turned around and it hit me how much he looked like Jesus.  He was growing out his hair and beard.  I told him to make sure he let me know before he cut his hair so I could take some pictures in my studio of him as Christ.  I had some clothes made and a little while afterwards, Ed called to tell me he was going to cut his hair.  The image below is Ed portraying Christ and his sweet son, Jacob.  The sweetest part of this story is the why behind Ed growing out his hair.  At this time in his life, his beautiful and sweet wife Liz, was fighting cancer.  During chemo treatments, she lost her hair.  Ed wanted to show his love and support to his wife by shaving his head too.  Liz didn’t want him to do that so Ed decided to grow it out.  He said, “I decided to grow it out and donate it so someone else (so she) wouldn’t have to endure in public what Liz was brave enough to show.”

This touched my heart and was a true act of Christ-like service.  I hope as you reflect upon your own relationship with others, you might hold them a little closer and express your love to them as Christ always has shown His love for us.

We lost dear Liz not long after this portrait was taken.  She is now in the arms of her loving Elder brother waiting for Ed, Jacob and her other children and loved ones on heaven.  #BecauseOfHim that is possible!

Brightly Street Jesus Christ image 3 Nephi 21 16

I am grateful for Jesus Christ’s willingness to take upon my sins and yours.  I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that didn’t just love His Only Begotten Son, but he also loved me enough to sacrifice His Beloved Son so that I might return to Him someday.  How has the Savior’s example blessed your life? #beacuseofhim and share your feelings online today!!

Here’s a sweet testimony by Elder Holland about my favorite scripture shown above.

In honor of Liz, my Auntie and others who have returned to their heavenly home.  We have lost two of our “pink ladies” since we originally postedthis video.  #BecauseOfHim Death has no sting!