Primary 3 Lesson 39: Showing Love for Our Parents

Punch Card for being obedient and helpful

To help the children remember to show love to their parents by being obedient and helpful everyday, I designed these simple Punch Cards.  Just print them out on card stock and encourage your primary children to try it everyday.  Tell the parents what you are trying to do to help the children this week and have them use a hole puncher and punch the circle for that day.

Every time they are helpful or obedient, they get a punch on their card.  Remind the children that if they get all 7 days punched and bring the card with them next Sunday that they will get a small treat.  It can be a little gift from the dollar store such as those bags of little toys that would only cost a $1 for the whole class or a piece of candy.  Just some sort of way to encourage the children to create a habit of obedience and helpfulness.

Download the Punch Cards here.

Punch Card for being obedient and helpful Primary 3 handout

Part of the lesson talks about where we came from and how we are a part of a larger family. There is a family tree in the back of the lesson but there were only a few places for siblings so I decided to make my own.  The primary child can draw a picture of their face inside the tire swing and then their parent’s above them.  From there they can add up to 4 sets of grandparents.  If they do not know who they are, this would be a great time to invite them to ask their parents and find out a little bit more about their ancestors!  Have them fill in their last name at the bottom left hand side.

Click over to our Family History Life website to download this file!