The Hunter’s Son by Gregg Luke

December 1, 2017

About “The Hunter’s Son”

For as long as Jarem can remember, the war between the Nephites and Lamanites has raged on. But for the young Nephite, there is security in the knowledge that the ruthless Lamanite warriors would never dare cross the border into his village—until the unthinkable happens. A Lamanite raiding party defies boundaries, destroying the village and killing Jarem’s family. Enslaved to his enemies, Jarem must rely on his faith in God as he endures unimaginable hardships at the hands of the Lamanites—including being cruelly separated from the woman he loves.

But even amid trials, there is goodness to be found. When Chemish, Master Healer of the Lamanites, takes ownership of Jarem, the young man discovers unexpected kindness. Jarem becomes the healer’s apprentice, and soon Chemish finds his soul stirred by the Christian faith of his student. But even as the bond between the two unlikely friends grows, the hatred of the Lamanites spreads. It is no longer enough for them to own the Nephites—they want to exterminate every one of them, and even personal slaves are no longer safe. Now, Jarem’s only hope of survival is a dangerous escape that will take him through the heart of Lamanite land . . .

About the Author

I was born November 20, 1959 in Bakersfield, California. I lived there for only three years before moving to Santa Barbara, California. I attended Foothill Elementary, La Colina Jr High, and San Marcos High Schools. My interests at that time were art, music, writing, volleyball, the beach, science, and girls (not necessarily in that order). I graduated in 1977 and then served an LDS mission in Wisconsin. After that, I spent seven months at BYU on a cinematography scholarship, but that didn’t pan out (pun intended). I returned to Santa Barbara and worked about two years at a research center before I realized an education was the only way to avoid a dead-end career. Over the next four years, I attended Santa Barbara City College, UC Santa Barbara, and BYU majoring in Biological Sciences.  I then attended the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, graduating in 1990. I practiced in Northern California for six months before moving to Logan, Utah in 1991. I am currently the Director of Pharmacy for the Cache Valley Community Health Center in Logan.  Visit him online here.

My Review

Gregg Luke is another author that keeps you turning the pages.  This is the first novel that he has written about the Book of Mormon time period.  I was so caught up in this book that I didn’t put it down until I finished it.  Yes, another long night!  This one had me pondering my own beliefs.  I love a good fiction that can also pull in some pondering thoughts.  I definitely like to escape the stresses of my day to day life by reading, but when a book can make you step back and cause your own self reflection, well that’s a win-win for me.

The story of Jarem and Chemish as well as Jarem and Zanesh, two Nephites and a Lamanite is full of fast-paced, twists and turns.  This novel is about their adventures, heartache, despair, forgiveness, hope, slavery, discouragement and love all rolled up into one fantastic read.  I was impressed by the depth of characters that were portrayed.  I absolutely loved the ending and cried a few times throughout the novel.

This is a must read for anyone that wants to dive into a clean adventure with a touch of romance and faith.  This book will be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree for my 14 year old son to read.  I think he will love it and I am pretty sure you will too.  Grab your copy today!

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