This Is My Beloved Son Singing Time Visuals

March 16, 2020

One of my favorite songs for Primary is “This is My Beloved Son.”  I love the power of that simple phrase and how it teaches children profound doctrine.  These are also the only words we hear our Father in Heaven speak outside of a few more words found in 3 Nephi.  This is the perfect song to teach your children as we prepare for the 200th anniversary of the restoration.  Verse 3 is about Joseph Smith and how he saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  Music has powerful influence over our hearts in a way unlike anything else.  So grateful for the inspiration that was given in creating this simple masterpiece!

There are two printable kits that you can use.  One is for Primary Song Leaders and the other one is for parents of primary children although I think everyone in the church should learn this song!  We also will be going live on Sunday afternoons for singing time so feel free to tune into our Facebook Page and sing with us!  Make sure you Subscribe to our website and Like us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on our next Singing Time favorites!




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