You Are Loved Kathryn Jenkins Gordon


Are You Loved? Have you ever wondered if you are loved, good enough or worth something to someone?  Kathryn Gordon’s new book “You Are Loved” addresses this topic.  Through the life of Jesus Christ, heart-rending stories and her own experiences, she delivers a non-fiction book that will make you say, “YES!” to the first question […]

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One By One Elder Bednar Ministering in the Lord’s Way

The Savior’s Example Ministering in the Lord’s way was taught by Jesus Christ’s perfect example to the one.  Although throngs of people followed him, he still focused on each and every one of his children as unique individuals.  Elder Bednar wrote a book titled “One by One” that explains how the Savior ministered to the […]

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Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria and Missionary Work

We are Sent Two-by-Two As Hurricane Maria pours it’s destructive force upon Puerto Rico, my heart is drawn to the beautiful people that live there. Puerto Rico was my home from the summer of 1999 until the end of 2000.  I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the […]

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Funeral of Amos Abplanalp

Evie Clair dad Amos Abplanalp funeral

  My first impression of the Abplanalp family occurred in 2015.  I went to a meeting about an upcoming Christmas campaign called “A Savior is Born.”  After dinner, I heard a young voice sing a song from the movie “Once I Was a Beehive.”  The voice belonged to a young girl named Evie Clair.  You might of […]

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Suicide Prevention: How a Book Saved My Life

Teen Suicide Prevention

Light vs. Darkness Life is the most precious commodity.  It didn’t just begin the day we were born.  We lived before this life with Heavenly parents.  We were sent here in order to learn, grow and experience life on earth.  Life gives us the opportunity to experience happiness and joy.  It also causes us to feel […]

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