#LightTheWorld Christmas Family Planning Guide

Christ Centered Christmas Family Planner #LighttheWorld

A Minimalist Christmas

This past year, I have been following Joshua Becker owner of Becoming Minimalist.  I am attempting to make my life less stressful and filled with more space and peace.  It started out with physical stuff, but it is bleeding into other facets of my life.

As the holidays approach, I am wondering if I can live this minimalist mindset to keep things simple especially during Christmas and focus on what matters most this holiday season.  I know we all say it and wish we can always focus on what matters most, but it seems like the busyness of the season comes and goes before we catch the true magic of Christmas.  That magic isn’t found in shopping malls, gifts, lights, decorations, Santa and snow although we may enjoy those things, it is found in family, Christ and our relationships with both.

This year, I am taking a page out of minimalism and intentional parenting to bring you a simplified Christmas.  Last year, I was so busy designing a Christmas-in-a-Box and my Advent Calendar that by the time December 1st came around I was over Christmas.  I missed the true “magic” of the season as I created ways for others to experience that “magic.”  I was excited to hear that 1,000s were able to use some of my designs to make their season brighter, but my cup was pretty empty by the end of the year.

Bring Back the True Magic

I hope to accomplish two tasks this year, one, to continue to bring you Christmas magic as we simplify it this year and allow my family and I an intentional Christmas filled with meaningful relationships with each other and strengthening our feelings for Jesus Christ.

I hope you will join me in this simple planning season to get your family centered on Christ by centering our Christmas around service as we #LightTheWorld.  Last year, our advent calendar went along with the 25 Days in 25 Ways.  You can still use the same printables and website.  This year’s calendar is a little bit different, but not enough to make an entire new advent calendar.  I also am trying to become a minimalist or live with more intent and purpose by getting rid of the excess and not adding more than I can handle at this time.

LighttheWorld Brightly Street Advent Calendar 2017 add-on

Since the 25 days calendar is a bit different, I made these simple cards that you can just print, cut and add to your advent calendar that you already have.  Just don’t feel overwhelmed, I know I can take something and run with it.  So take the good, leave the bad and make this the most magical season of the year by increasing your relationships with family and God.


#lighttheworld family planning guide for christmas

Free Planning Guide

Now, to our Family Planning Guide!  Sometimes an advent calendar is a blessing and a curse.  It is fun to have a daily task with songs, scriptures, activities and treats, but it can also create a burden.  Thus “A Christ Centered Christmas Family Planning Guide” was born.  Just print, bind or staple it together and gather the family for a family home evening.  There is a one page introduction lesson to brainstorm and think about what is coming in December.

I think the greatest stress of December is the over scheduled calendars that tend to fill up way before December 1st.  To get ahead, let’s start to plan and prepare for a more intentional Christmas season now.  By the time, December 1st comes, you will be ready to rock this Christmas season in a more meaningful and still magical way.

Included in the planning guide is a brainstorming page, activity planning and assignment making sections as well as the #LIGHTtheWORLD calendar.  The idea is not for mom to plan what for the whole family.  Create a new tradition where everyone is on board to help plan, prepare and serve with a Christ-like heart.

Download our “Family Planning Guide” today.  Please share this post with your family and friends and let’s help #LightTheWorld in December!

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#lighttheworld family planning guide

More Christmas ideas?

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